Cenforce Sildenafil Tablets

Cenforce was initially meant to be meditation for angina and hypertension in men, and scientists discovered that one of its effects is the erection of the penal part of males. It relates to the phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors. The other name you might have heard of Cenforce 100mg is Viagra, a pretty common term for this medicine. It helps the male with the issue of erectile dysfunction. It improves the blood flow in the penial part and makes the muscle in that area active. The effect of Cenforce 100 mg is unclear in female consumers, but its effectiveness is viral among males. The medication has very mild side effects on healthy consumers. And it can be taken by mouth with or without an empty stomach. We will discuss this medication further in this article and guide you more about it so you can be aware of every single piece of information before using it.